Here’s what happens when you let Google autocomplete fill out your dating profile

If you’re like one of the many, many twenty-somethings out there in the world right now, chances are you’ve taken to the Internet to create a dating profile. It might have been simply for fun, or actually for luv, but we’ve all done it. And depending on how you look at it, those “fill in the blanks” questionnaires are either the worst, or the best, part of trying to find that special someone.

But now, we’ve found a super-easy, and also hilarious, way to make our dating profiles top notch. Why, just let Google autocomplete all your sentences! Absolutely nothing can go wrong here! A relationship is practically 110% guaranteed!

London-based comedian, Aaron Gillies, tried this approach just last week. He set up a new dating profile, and instead of taking the time to ponder impressive and gripping responses, he let Google do the work for him. He believes that this is the best dating profile ever created. We’ve got to agree.

Some of his answers are typical, like the fact that he likes dogs and the beach. Then you see that his body type is “ready” and that he’s looking for a partner who has “two thumbs.” Aren’t we all, Aaron, aren’t we all.

If you fancy a dating profile just like Aaron’s, you can also turn to Google for assistance. Or, Aaron will do that Googling legwork for you.

This is a surefire way to meet that special someone. You can tell your future children that you met thanks to Google <3

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