If you have one of these careers, you probably get more right swipes on dating apps than the rest of us

Dating in the modern age is complicated. With so many apps out there, it’s hard to make up your mind! Luckily, science has found something to give you a leg up on your competition. A study conducted over two weeks found that if you have one of these careers, you probably get more right swipes on dating apps than the rest of us.

Wait. Come again?

Regardless of the dating app you prefer to use, some things remain universal. Like getting fewer likes because all of your profile photos are a game of Where’s Waldo. Turns out your success rate online is somewhat out of your control, no matter how many tips you incorporate.

A study was conducted…

For two weeks, a dating app called Happn monitored its 2.9 million app users to see if any patterns emerged between matches. Their goal was to see if people responded to certain aspects of people’s bios and lives more than others. The results were a little surprising.

Because we know that people are attracted to success, it was surprising to learn that high-paying jobs weren’t always universally sought after.  But what we did find out was that being lawyer was something both men and women responded to very positively.

It’s the most attractive job for men and women.

Maybe it has something to do with all the law shows on television or just how unjust our society is? Regardless, men and women both think attorneys are HOT. Doctors also make the cut, but that was to be expected.

In order, the most attractive careers for men were attorney, analyst, engineer, salesman, and doctor. The most attractive careers for women attorney, designer, teacher, marketer, and doctor.

While these results aren’t insanely different from the preconceived notions we already have, it is interesting to see that attorneys ended up on top for both genders. Congratulations on getting all those right swipes, lawyers!