You can only go on a date with this woman if you solve her math equation

Uploaded today by Polish YouTuber Gabriela Rzeszutek, this video shows a woman posting a sign to a tree. The sign isn’t just any sign —it’s a call out for an eligible bachelor. And not just ANY eligible bachelor —a SMART eligible bachelor. She encoded her phone number into a super intimidating math problem —so to be able to give her a call, you’re gonna have to get your scientific calculator out.

The video’s title (which we translated from Polish to English using Google translate) is “The girl is looking for her husband.” And underneath, the video’s caption states, “Every which way but loose.” We’re not TOTALLY sure what that means, but it feels like a fitting enough description for the experiment.

Yes – that’s right – this woman is ready and willing to give any human her number… but only if they’re a math genius. Did this really happen?

Yes and no. A woman really did post a sign with a math problem you had to solve in order to obtain a phone number. But was this woman really serious about dating this person? Not so much. The whole thing was a prank. Sigh.

Honestly, even though this wasn’t real, we are still 100% on board. A woman who knows what she wants, whose confidence matches her intelligence, and she’s not afraid to put herself out there in the name of love (and math)? Well, if you ask us, someone should be writing this script right now. As for the response on Twitter, people had some pretty hilarious comments:

Thankfully most of us don’t need to solve a math problem as a prerequisite for a date.

[Image via Twitter]

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