All the reasons you should totally date a cat person

I’ve had all types of cats throughout my life. Some have been a little on the feisty side (I’m looking at you, Mamie), while others, a bit more reserved. Or, in the vein of my current youngest feline who doesn’t realize she’s a cat, really, really weird. The different facets of all these fur balls made me think more about the different sides of me and how each of their diverse personalities somehow represented different parts of myself. Not everyone can call themselves a “cat person” but by being one, I know firsthand why being in a relationship with [someone like] me rocks.

Lint rollers make the best gifts ever

Forget fancy necklaces or diamond rings. If you give the gift of a lint roller to someone who owns cats (particularly long hair), it’s like hearing the angels sing. However, if all that cat hair is holding you back from truly committing to a relationship with a cat person, have no fear. No one knows the pains of having an all-black wardrobe and a long-haired cat more than us. Don’t let a little fuzz get in between you and love. Along with a drawer full of lint rollers, we also readily have Febreeze, in case you forgot your perfume or cologne, and an abundance of milk rings for whatever tickles your fancy.

We have the smarts

According to a Wisconsin study at Carroll University, cat people scored higher on intelligence! Out of the 600 college students surveyed, it was clear that cat lovers vs. dog lovers have distinct differences in their personalities, most notably who’s more of an extrovert (dog people) compared to introverts (cat people). And those who love all animals equally? We’ll just call them “cat people” too, because CATS!!!

Alone time is rejoiced

As stated above, cat-owners tend to be content all by their lonesome. No fuss required. In fact, it’s more than likely preferred which can be a really great thing. Independence is a fabulous cat-like quality which means when we spend time with you, it’s because we want to, not because we have to.

We can handle the gross stuff

Much like being a parent, having any pet builds responsibility and character. But something is to be said of a cat-parent who scoops through a rubble-filled toilet (litter box) daily, scrubs multi-colored cat vomit from the beige carpet because one cat has a more sensitive stomach than the other (but the store didn’t have the food you normally buy) (lesson learned), and vacuums hairballs and stray fur from every crevice of your clothing and house. Cats, while independent, are also demanding in their own way. But we can handle it, which is why we usually commit to cat-caring in pairs (or more). Basically, we’re multi-tasking rock stars.

We aren’t “showy” with our emotions

Not to knock dogs, because they’re awesome in their own right, but you pretty much always know where you stand with dogs because they wear their excitement, joy, fear, anger, and everything in between. Right there on their cute, little mugs. But cats keep you guessing and that rubs off on us humans. Being in a relationship with us is like solving a Rubix cube on the daily — in the best way possible. Plus, when we talk in that high-pitched baby voice we use to speak to the cats , it’ll seem as though everything is awesome, no matter what we’re saying. Although, if my cat(s) doesn’t like you, this probably won’t work out. Just saying.

We’re low-maintenance

Going out is fun but it can get old. Cat owners have been known to choose a private snugglefest in front of the tube as opposed to going out. This may be because our demure pets don’t require us to leave the house and therefore have trained us to be more chill instead of rubbing elbows in swollen places that give us anxiety.

Grooming is priority

Have you ever dated a cat person who wasn’t hygienic in the most obscene way? Not that dog owners aren’t, but cats spend up to 50% of their waking hours cleaning themselves and we’ve taken subconscious notes. They may do it for relaxation, protection, and blood flow stimulation, but we do it because they’ve taught us you can never be too clean and in the world of love, this isn’t a bad thing. I took three showers since I started writing this.

All the cool cat-gear tho

Dating a cat person means ALL THE CAT THINGS! This day and age, you can find and wear everything from cat-printed tees to hoodies designed to hold you cat. And you won’t be shunned in doing so. It’s actually an a-mew-zing way to show you cat love without actually toting your cat everywhere you go. In seeking a relationship with a person who dons cat gear, just know they are even more incredible underneath that purrfect kitteh shirt because it’s what inside that counts.

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