This fashion brand creates satin-lined dad hats because it’s actually great for your hair

Hats and great hair usually don’t go hand in hand. Most times we’re either hiding a bad hair day with a cap or dealing with hat hair after a day’s wear. It’s crazy to think that a hat could actually help hair but chill on the side-eye ‘cuz it’s totally true.

In case you didn’t know, satin fabrics are amazing for hair. They help hair maintain its moisture, it protects ends, and it helps styles last longer.

For most of us, taking advantage of these benefits means sleeping in a satin scarf or using satin pillowcases to protect hair. Thanks to Grace Eleyae, we can now get all the benefits of satin fabrics for hair with some added style.

On the outside these look like your average dad hat, on the inside they’re lined with satin. (Pretty brilliant, right?)


So you can feel like this…

While looking like this.

You can buy the satin lined dad hat, here for $22.48 in black, white, and navy. Grace Eleyae also sells a satin lined beanies in burgundy, black, grey, purple, navy, olive, pink, nude, teal, cream, mauve, mustard, coral, mint, red, and white for $25.95 to $29.95, depending on the color.

Grace Eleyae’s satin lined hats, beanies, scrunchies, and pillowcases work for all hair types. Fans of the line use the “slap caps” for overnight hair protection, workouts, and just for style.

There’s a sale happening right now, so head over to their site asap!

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