Dascha Polanco (Daya) from “Orange is the New Black” is giving us serious hair envy

The ladies of Orange is the New Black are constantly wearing tan prison garb with simple hair and no makeup, so it’s no surprise that when the cameras are off, these ladies glam it up like crazy. Take Dascha Polanco, who plays Daya on the show. On Orange is the New Black, she was in a simple ponytail for most of  Season 4, but once she could (literally) let her hair down, Dascha revealed her amazing style, and is giving us SERIOUS hair envy.

Her look on OINTB can be a little drab.

Although we can’t deny, she’s a total badass.

But once the cameras are off, she lets her true style show through, and we are loving it.

Look at those gorgeous, shiny strands. This mermaid-haired goddess looks so happy to be free from her on-camera prison wardrobe.

She loves to change it up.

These braids are so amazing, even Dascha can’t help but play with them!

She’s not afraid of color.

This rainbow coif is the things colorists dreams are made of. Bonus points for pairing it with that chic white dress, so all the focus is on her luscious locks. “Juicy ass watermelon” is right!

And when she does go out in a red-carpet pony, she knows how to rock it.

Our hats are off to you, Dascha! Mostly cuz we’re trying to replicate your look! #hairgoals

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