We learn about Daryl’s time with the Saviors on “The Walking Dead” and our hearts are broken

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon is obviously a fan favorite. The crossbow-carrying badass is beloved by many. So, it’s with heavy hearts that we say: Daryl is having a rough time with the Saviors. In fact, he’s having maybe the worst time possible – and, considering it’s the zombie apocalypse, that’s saying something.

At the end of the Season 7 premiere, Daryl is kidnapped by the Saviors. Negan and his crew basically take Daryl to ensure that Rick’s group won’t try to retaliate. Last week, we got a much lighter episode – we even got to see Carol and King Ezekiel bond (Though, come on, we know Daryl and Carol – who doesn’t even know any of the season premiere’s events have happened – are BFFs for life).

This week, we finally get to see Daryl Dixon living with the Saviors – and, TBH, it’s rough. First of all, for the first part of the episode, entitled “ The Cell,” Daryl is naked. And while we’re sure a lot of his fans didn’t mind that he’s clearly cold, uncomfortable, and traumatized, this is not a happy time for our guy. It also gets worse:

Daryl is being fed dog food sandwiches. Like, actual canned dog food smeared between two slices of bread. So, that can’t be fun. Gross.

Honestly, though, the worst part might be the song that keeps playing, “703 Easy Street.” It’s a song by The Collapsable Hearts Club, and he’s hearing it on repeat. And it. is. agonizing. The chirpy, sickly sweet song is annoying once – the amount of times we hear it in the episode are enough to make us cringe. Knowing that Daryl is listening to it basically non-stop is even worse.


Daryl is also being subjected to the crazed brutality that we’re coming to know as Negan’s signature. Despite his pride, Daryl is forced to kneel to Negan by Negan’s henchman Dwight.

Negan also threatens Daryl with Lucille, who isn’t fazed – even though he saw two of his best friends killed with her. However, some Saviors beat Daryl – but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is when Dwight slips Daryl the Polaroid one of the Saviors took of Glenn’s body. That moment breaks Daryl, and he weeps (WE WEEP, TOO. A LOT).

There is a twisted silver lining in all this – Negan has taken a liking to Daryl. That might allows Daryl to win some trust, then hopefully he can turn on Negan. That might just be wishful thinking, but we’ll take what we can get to keep Daryl safe and reunite him with the rest of his group.