So, Darkwing Duck is set in an ~alternate~ universe, and your childhood is so confused

Let’s state the facts: Darkwing Duck is a spinoff of DuckTales (it’s far superior, in our not so humble opinion, we will fight you on this). After an episode of DuckTales aired where Launchpad McQuackplays a secret agent named Double-O Duck, a Disney exec liked the idea so much that he asked writer Tad Stones to take a crack at it.

And thus was born Darkwing Duck, the super hero cartoon we all deserve.


But here’s the rub: Apparently, Darkwing Duck isn’t a spinoff at all…but set in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE! AN ALTERNATE DUCKBERG!!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the creator of Darkwing Duck, Tad Stones, scrambled our brains a bit with this clarification.

"Because Launchpad appeared in DuckTales and we used Roboduck as the Superman character, the hero who gets all the glory as opposed to Darkwing, fans try to connect the two realities. They are two different universes in my book. We work in the alternate Duckiverse."


Okay, first of all “Duckiverse” is the best term we’ve ever heard. Literally ever. Add that to your lexicon immediately so that we can also use it without sounding bonkers. Despite setting the record straight, Stones noted that he isn’t really a big fan of straight records at all.

"It drives fans crazy, but I was not a huge fan of continuity," says Stones. "I grew up with Silver Age continuity with the comics. Yeah, I know Lois Lane doesn't know Clark Kent is Superman. She suspects something. Jimmy Olsen's his pal. He went to high school with Lana Lang. The basics everybody knew. But there was really no arc or change. Every time you picked up a comic, you knew where you were starting."

We’re still trying to process this. We spent our lives thinking Darkwing Duck was just an extension of DuckTales and that Launchpad was just saving his mad piloting skills for adventures with Darkwing!


But really, the best way to clear up our confusion is definitely to bring Darkwing Duck back, right? We would totally love to veg out in front of a new season of our favorite feathered hero… even if we have to come to terms with the fact that everything we that we knew about him was a LIE.

Stones is definitely up for a re-boot, but unfortunately he won’t be writing it.

"You want to do Darkwing for 2017 or '18. Not for 25 years ago, so the show should be different and should have a different life to it. I was writing animation when The Simpsons debuted and really shook things up. Now we have plenty of writers who have never known a world without The Simpsons. So it's just a different situations and a different sensibility at a granular, genetic level almost. You want that sensibility even though you are doing something that is nothing like The Simpsons, but just how broad to go with a gag. How non sequitur. That's what I want to see."

Fair enough, but we reeeeally want a return to the #Duckiverse (make this hash tag happen, people!).

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