The Disney Princesses just got the “Star Wars” treatment again — but this time in a very dark and serious way

We’ve most certainly seen Disney Princesses reimagined in the Star Wars universe before—and many times, actually—but for this latest turn, they’ve actually taken a little bit of a darker turn. These Jedi Disney Princesses are a lot grittier than the ones we’ve recently seen. Think, post-Attack-of-the-Clones-Jedis, more so than Luke-at-the-end-of-Return-of-the-Jedi Jedis.

Concept artist Phil Berry explained to The Escapist that he chose his four princesses—Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, and Jasmine—based on “on what they could offer” and the fact that he had “never seen a Jedi use only the Force to wield a weapon, so I thought Rapunzel’s hair would be a great opportunity to play with that idea.” He was also really interested in brining the lady’s sidekicks to life, too.

Jedi Rapunzel by Phill-Art on DeviantArt“The biggest factor was if I could have fun transforming the princess’s companions into a Star Wars looking alien,” he continues. “I wanted to avoid making the Beast a Wookiee, or making Rajah a Nexu, so I could make my own.”

Jedi Belle by Phill-Art on DeviantArt
Jedi Jasmine by Phill-Art on DeviantArt

The end result gives are amazing as is, but now look closer at all of them, especially Ariel. Flounder’s a floating droid, and Ariel’s actually got mechanical legs, as if she’s half-droid herself—a la the late Anakin Skywalker—because flipping your fins on Mustafar won’t get you too far.

Jedi Ariel by Phill-Art on DeviantArtYou can check out the rest of Berry’s work here.

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