“In the Dark” is the true-crime podcast you’re going to want to listen to this weekend

We LOVE podcasts, and this is one we just cannot stop thinking about. Ever since we learned about it on Vulture, it’s been creeping us out in the *best way* and we’re planning to spend our weekend cuddled up with our squad and being 100% fascinated with this true-crime podcast. It tells the story of Jacob Wetterling, a young boy from St. Joseph, Minnesota, who disappeared in 1989.  His disappearance remained  a mystery up until September 1st, 2016 — the day a man finally confessed to the sexual assault and murder of the 11-year-old. The case rocked the nation for 27 years, and it’s sure to be an incredibly important series.

Creator Madeleine Baran told Vulture that Serial and Making a Murderer helped pave the way for this series.

"Both of those showed there's an audience for this kind of longform serialized reporting. People will stick with it if they feel like the reporting and storytelling is solid. With Making a Murderer, people took away that there's a problem with interrogation of juveniles, so that got a conversation started. Serial got a conversation started about the tunnel vision of investigators, among many other things.

You already know that we’re OBSESSED with Making a Murderer  and Serial, so do we even need to *tell* you that we’re for sure going to listen to this one?!


But Baran says that In The Darkis different from the two super popular true crime stories.

""What's different about our podcast is that we're not looking at what happens if law enforcement convicts the wrong person," Baran says. "We're looking at what happens if law enforcement doesn't convict anybody.

Just, woah.

Baran hopes that In The Darkwill encourage a thoughtful look at law enforcement.

"I hope one of the things our podcast generates is that conversation of 'I wonder what the big unsolved cases are in my area,' or in the nation. 'Are we giving law enforcement a pass here?'"

We’re so, so intrigued by this entire concept, and it’s so important that Baran is doing this work. Definitely subscribe, and join us this weekend for In The Dark!