The GIFs that will make you feel awesome about being a woman today

Cue the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song because Darian Sperry has us singing “females are strong as hell!” The 5’1″, 20-year-old Crossfit athlete has been all over the Internet lately for this badass gif of her lifting 180 pounds like it’s no big deal. (If you want an idea of our reaction, the two guys in the back sum it up pretty well.) The gif was created from a video Sperry posted to Instagram, in which she performs a “snatch lift” — picking up a barbell from the ground and bringing it over her head in one continuous motion — and it basically has us feeling strong and powerful and ridiculously proud to be women today. (Did we mention the barbell she’s lifting is 180 pounds? Cause it’s 180 pounds.)

Sperry started doing Crossfit after graduating high school because she wanted to combat the notion that “being muscular was something to be ashamed of.”

“I thought it made me less feminine or less beautiful than other women,” Sperry told The Huffington Post. But Crossfit allowed to her to own her body and to find beauty in all that it could do.

“For me, feeling strong and knowing what my body is capable of makes me feel beautiful,” Sperry continued. “I believe that it is really important, being a young athlete and a young woman, to show the future generation of beautiful young ladies that lifting weights, gaining physical, mental, and emotional strength, and enjoying your fitness is an amazing thing and nothing to ever be ashamed of.”

The Olympic weightlifter gives us an amazing reminder that beauty can mean whatever we want it to mean, and that we don’t have to adhere to rigid, societal standards to feel beautiful. There’s no such thing as a perfect body, and in her own words, “Strength really is beautiful.”

And because we can find strength in so many different ways, we decided to do a round-up of some other gifs that make us feel powerful and awesome and strong and beautiful as women. Who run the world, Gigglers?!

1. The First Lady telling it like it is

2.  Brittney Griner breaking WNBA dunking records (because who says only dudes can dunk?!)

3. That time Black Widow showed us how to fight like a girl

4. And when Katniss Everdeen made us say “HECK YEAH” for, like, the 100th time

5. Mindy teaching us the best way to live our lives

6. Samantha Carter (from Stargate) telling us what’s up

7. Beyoncé owning her bosshood

8.  Holley Mangold lifting 297 pounds like it’s NBD at the London Olympics

9. Mo’ne Davis, showing us how to strike out six batters

10. Nicki Minaj on not letting others define you — because yes, totally

11. And our very own Zooey Deschanel, dropping major feminist wisdom

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