All the ways the first season of “Daredevil” broke TV rules in the best way

The second season of Marvel’s hit series Daredevil is set for release on March 18 and while the wait has fans eager in restless anticipation, a quick recap of why we loved the first season might just be in order. After all, the Netflix original series is dark, edgy, and full of action, but also heartwarming thanks to the show’s incredible casting and focus on minorities throughout its thrilling plot. So without further ado, here are all the ways the first season of Daredevil broke TV rules in the best way:

First and foremost, Matt Murdock’s blindness was weaved in as a complex, unique characteristic and never a demeaning one.

Throughout the first season, we see Matt use his blindness as a step to tuning in on his other senses and consequently perfecting his fighting skills. His disability doesn’t stop him from becoming a kickass superhero and this is a largely overdue event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. PSA: Disabled kids deserve to see themselves represented on the big screen as strong and complex rather than less-than, so kudos to Daredevil for Matt Murdock!

Women in the TV show are capable, smart, and unique.

The women in this series are not the soft-spoken, doe-eyed, love interests we’re used to seeing on screen. Instead, we get to see them for what they really are, capable, three-dimensional characters. From a top-of-the-line nurse (Claire Temple), to resourceful, morally-powered Karen Page (part of Matt Murdock’s circle of closest friends), the women of Daredevil are truly outstanding. Not to mention we even have elderly Asian drug lord, Madame Gao, who is not the punch line of any racist joke, but rather a ruthless cruel character.

The list of complex, well-represented minorities could go on forever.

Left and right, Daredevil season one threw us characters who weren’t just the able-bodied, lean, white males we’ve come to expect, and for this alone the series has my full support without adding the amazing plot and action on top.

In the end, regardless if you’re already a huge fan of the show or just thinking about watching it, Daredevil is truly one of the most forward, 21st century shows out right now. Plus, with season two’s March 18 release right around the corner, there’s no better time to wake up your inner superhero fangirl and get pumped.

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