This Danish viral video unboxes people from their stereotypes, and you’ll need tissues for the happy tears

We are often reminded of just how different we all are. But now, more than ever, it’s important to take time to remember how similar we can be beneath those differences. And that’s exactly what this moving video from Denmark does.

The video makers sought to “unbox” people from their stereotypes.

And, as a result, they created something that has us grabbing for the tissues.

The video originally aired on Denmark’s TV2 station, though it was quickly translated into English. But no matter what language you speak, the message behind this powerful video is clear.

The video starts with certain people, who look similar on the surface, walking in together. They all stand in a box based on their “stereotype.” Once the space is filled, an announcer asks people to get honest. He asks a series of questions. And, if the answer to the question fits you, you walk to the front with the others.

It quickly turns into an emotional roller coaster.

Without realizing it, we can sometimes create judgments and assumptions about people. By having those people group together based on some very human factors (like “loves to dance”), you start to remember that we are so much more than our stereotype.

This is a beautiful message no matter what may be happening in the world. But it’s especially pertinent in a time when we have to remember just how connected – and similar – we all truly are to one another.