Daniel Radcliffe is a very weird human, says Daniel Radcliffe

Since Daniel Radcliffe wrapped up his decade-long role as The Boy Who Lived, he’s played some pretty cray cray characters. We’ve seen him become a devil-dude in Horns, a beat poet in Kill Your Darlings, a lawyer who sees ghosts in The Woman in Black, not to mention a musical businessman and a guy who really loves horses in the Broadway productions of How to Succeed and Equus. More recently, Dan’s been filming Imperium, playing an FBI agent undercover as a neo-Nazi, and his newest movie, Victor Frankenstein opened this weekend, featuring Mr. Radcliffe as a mad scientist sidekick, Igor.

But just because an actor picks weird roles to play doesn’t mean he’s a weird human, right? Wrong. According to Daniel, his choices totally reflect his personality.

“No, I don’t really have mainstream tastes,” he told NME. “People do ask me, ‘Why do you choose such weird movies?’ but I don’t think they’re weird, they’re just stories I’m interested in. Isn’t having weird tastes good, though? I think so. I think that’s better than always wanting to play the handsome hero. You think I’m weird? I’ll take that.”

So Daniel is a cute little British salmon, swimming against the currents of Hollywood. Honestly, we love him for his unique tastes.
He could have easily coasted on his Harry Potter fame for the rest of his life, maybe doing the occasional fan fiction short film, but instead he takes his job as a professional actor really seriously. In fact, he’s out to show the world that growing up as an uber-famous child actor doesn’t mean he’s going to fall into the tumultuous ways of those who’ve come before him, like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.

It’s true! Harry Potter was an incredible beginning to Daniel’s career, and, no matter how many oddball roles he chooses to play, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

(Image from Red Granite Pictures.)