Daniel Radcliffe has saved up a LOT of money

If Daniel Radcliffe ever gets a free moment, we have a favor to ask him. He’s got to teach us how to save money, because whatever we’re doing is wrong, and whatever he’s doing is right, since he’s put A LOT of money in the bank. This year alone he managed to save over $2 million dollars. $2 million! For us, it’s cause for celebration anytime we find a crumbled up $10 in our coat pocket!

According to the U.K.’s company registrar, Companies House, Radcliffe’s company Gilmore Jacobs (his parents set it up to help him manage his money and assets back in 2000, pre Harry Potter) has a grand total of £59,393,476 in it for 2015. For 2014, it had £57,772,744 in it, which means that this year, instead of spending, Radcliffe saved, and please teach us your ways.

Though he didn’t have any HUGE box office movies this year (he co-starred in Victor Frankenstein and popped up quickly in Trainwreck), Radcliffe still managed to take what he had earned, and not spend it all in one place. Which is downright impressive, considering he has enough for a solid shopping spree, or to buy a nice big yatch. But clearly, he’s learned the importance of tucking money away for later, and all together, along with his money in the bank and his property’s value, it’s estimated that he’s got over £69 million. Whoa.

Looking ahead, 2016 will probably be an even bigger year for him, since he’s starring in Now You See Me 2, which is already on our must-see list.

Well done, DanRad. Now teach us how to do this, so we too can save up money for a rainy day, and have a Gringotts vault filled with gold coins (not that he probably has just a vault with gold coins in it, but I would if I were him).

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