Daniel Radcliffe just got interviewed by a bunch of kids and they had the BEST questions

Daniel Radcliffe (aka our favorite wizard in the entire universe, Harry Potter) recently answered a bunch of interview questions submitted by kids to People, and the whole thing has got us suffering from some SERIOUS cuteness overload.

Judging by their questions, most of the kids seem to think Radcliffe actually IS Harry Potter. First off, ADORABLE. And second, we can see why they might be confused. I mean, Radcliffe looks a lot like his character. He’s basically just a lightning bolt scar and a pair of glasses away from straight-up being Harry Potter.

The kiddos have a lot of technical questions involving magic, because of course they do. If we had the chance to interview a legit wizard, we’d also want to know what special effect turns him invisible, how he makes broomsticks fly and what’s the most magical thing he’s ever seen in his life. Those are some seriously important questions. In case you’re wondering, the most magical thing Radcliffe has ever seen was a double rainbow. TBH that answer makes us love him just a little more than we already did.

Radcliffe is completely charming and wonderful as he addresses the questions, handling each one with gentle seriousness. But our absolutely fave part of the video is 7-year-old Beckett, who is a dead ringer for Harry Potter, from his adorable striped t-shirt to his round specs. You guys, he might even look more like Harry Potter than Radcliffe does. It’s worth watching the video just to get a glimpse of this mega-adorable kid. TRUST.

Watch Radcliffe’s interview in its entirety below:

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