Here’s a dangerous rooftop workout in case you like your fitness with a side of fear

Anyone who works out regularly knows the importance of switching up your routine, but one guy recently demonstrated a dangerous rooftop workout that you won’t be able to watch without gritting your teeth — unless you like your fitness with a side of fear.

We’ve all been there: The workouts are progressing nicely, but boredom sets in, and suddenly you find yourself doing pull-ups off the ledge of a sky-high building, except NAH.

So, this works for daredevil dude, but hanging from a building to strengthen your upper body is definitely one of those exercise tips you just don’t listen to no matter how badly you want results.

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While there’s probably a trained stunt person who can execute moves like this and survive to tell about it, we can’t in good conscience recommend this particular workout for, well, anyone. However, we can encourage you to watch all 55 seconds of this upper body routine from hell because the odds of you sweating and clenching of all your muscles throughout the clip are highly likely, and that has to produce some sort of calorie burn.

Instead of a warm-up, this 22-year-old guy goes for it right off the bat, climbing over the side of a building in Morocco.

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And it only gets scarier from there.

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If you can stomach it, here’s the full routine, (plus even more completely unnecessary vertigo-inducing antics near the end):

So, judging by the excessive amount of muscle contraction our abdominal region just experienced, we’d say it totally counts as a solid set of ab reps, which is about the only positive thing to come from watching this terrifying clip.