The internet is freaking out over this guy’s “dangerous” airplane selfies

Just like standing in an elevator or waiting in line, there is a certain etiquette to follow when traveling in an airplane. And it usually doesn’t involve anything risky or attention-grabbing. That’s why this pilot’s dangerous mid-flight selfies went viral. Pilot Daniel Centeno literally looks like he’s casually hanging out of the cockpit…is it real? Is it fake? Is it legal?

Okay, before we start theorizing about how he achieved such jaw-dropping shots, let’s go ahead and debunk the burning question. They are, in fact, photoshop masterpieces. No one risked their lives in taking these photos. But they are pretty awesome.

"I have to let you know that photo is fake guys...just in case," Centeno says in the caption.

Well, it still looks like a great day in the sky! And don’t worry, there’s more to feast our eyes on.

On top of the world!

Turns out he really fooled some people.



But others knew the whole time.


Okay…he had us for a moment though, not gonna lie. And even though they’re fake, this guy is clearly having a blast. He’s obviously a real pilot who enjoys his job, and just wanted to have a laugh. His Instagram description even reads “Living the life.”

"Get paid doing what I love," Centeno wrote in the caption."

Basically, everyone can calm down and rest-assured that no one is actually dangling out of planes while piloting jet engines…it’s just that sweet, sweet photoshop magic (mixed with a dash of the internet, of course).

And on that note: A very Happy Friday to all!