To the woman who dressed as bacon and danced with Kevin Bacon: Let’s be besties

Let’s talk about bacon for a sec — the food bacon, and the Kevin Bacon. Both are great. Both are wonderful additions to our lives. Both have been with us through thick and thin, and if we could wrap our arms around both of them to share in a great big hug, we would. So to the woman, who actually got a hug from Kevin Bacon, while dressed as a strip of bacon, we salute you.

Kevin, and his brother Michael, make up The Bacon Brothers band, and happened to be performing at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey this weekend. Then, the most bacon moment in the history of Bacon happened. It was a full bacon-Bacon inception when a woman by the name of Rena Anne Toon jumped on stage to dance with the two Bacon brothers, while she was dressed as bacon. The song they were playing at the time? “Footloose.”

I mean, incredible. Incredible forethought. Incredible planning. Incredible costume. Incredible Bacon-bacon moment.

Before leaving the stage, Toon had Bacon sign her bacon costume. Toon then later tweeted that she’s going to put “dancing with Bacon dressed as bacon” on all her college applications, and like, yes. Yes, we would, too. We would include that on our professional resume as well, with pictures attached, so go for it.

And the two brothers didn’t mind their new backup dancer one bit. As Kevin later Tweeted:

We love your bacon dedication to Bacon, Toon. Way to be.

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