Dancing Squidward has been made into a delightful meme

Up until five minutes ago, I had no idea that Dabbing referred to anything other than using a napkin to get excess calorie-filled grease off of pizza. Clearly I have a one-track pizza mind and have been living under a Dab-less rock for the last few months.

The Dab is the newest post-Nae Nae dance craze. It’s super popular among kids (and adults) and wait for it…  SpongeBob SquarePants characters. That’s right, Squidward knows the dance and isn’t afraid to use it.

While riding on a float in a parade, some Squidward fans yelled out for him to do the Dab. So he did. Because he’s Squidward, and he’s awesome.

Squidward was so unimpressed about his own dance move, naturally the people of the Internet are freaking out about it. People have been making memes of Squidward’s Dab, and they’re hilarious.

Here are some memes made by people who clearly know how to have a good time:

(Image via YouTube)