The Internet is 100% obsessed with this dancing piglet

A piglet works it to Rihanna’s “Work,” and now the people of the Internet are completely in love. The piglet has some serious moves for being… well… a pig. Actually, the piglet has more legit moves than a lot of humans (myself included).

Someone took a video of the tiny pig dancing and posted it to YouTube, because when pigs dance, you capture it and share it with the world. We’re super happy about it, because now we have this to watch over and over again:

Based on the skills and adorableness of the piglet, we’d really like to see some spin-offs happen soon. Like, Dancing with the Piglets, Dirty (Piglet) Dancing, Save the Last Dance for Piglet, Piggy Elliot or Magic Mike and the Piglets. 

But for now, we’ll settle for this: