This man who was body-shamed by Internet trolls just got the dance party of his dreams

Ready for a story with an amazing happy ending? You might remember hearing about a “dancing man” a while back. This guy, who was then only known as Dancing Man, was spotted at a party dancing by himself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dancing all by yourself (and like no one is watching) but this Dancing Man was was cruelly body-shamed on the anonymous message board, 4chan, for his weight. Not cool on the Internet, not cool IRL, not cool EVER.

Thankfully, though, other happier and nicer parts of the Internet rallied behind Dancing Man. Slowly, a social media campaign grew to find this anonymous Dancing Man, spearheaded by one woman named Cassandra Fairbanks. She wanted to throw this Dancing Man a dance party, and made it her mission to find out his real identity using the hashtag #FindDancingMan. The Internet came through, and Dancing Man was identified as Sean O’Brien from Liverpool, England. With Dancing Man now found, the only thing left to do was dance.

Last week, O’Brien hopped on a plane in the UK, but his destination wasn’t LA. First, he stopped in New York City where he appeared on the Today show and danced with Meghan Trainor to — what else? — “All About That Bass” (you can watch the full video here!). “There will always be bad, there will always be bad in the world, but there’s far more good people,” He said on Today, before the music kicked in it was time to bust a move. Then, it was off to LA for an epic dance party Saturday night.

The Avalon nightclub in Hollywood rolled out its red carpet for this dancing party, complete with paparazzi. Moby DJ’ed. Monica Lewinsky showed up and spoke to the crowd about body shaming issues. This dance party also wasn’t just about dancing and having a good time, and the event actually raised thousands of dollars, which will be donated to anti-bullying charities! AMAZING.

O’Brien was clearly touched and moved by all this out pour of love and support, and noted that, “Big-hearted people far out weight the small-minded everyday of the week.” After all was said and done, it was finally time to get to the reason for the evening: dancing.

Big thumbs up to all those good people out there, who put together an amazing party. Not only was it for an amazing person, but for an amazing cause, too. A very happy ending, indeed. And just wondering, can we get an invite next time? We’re big dancing fans, too.

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