Dan Stevens’ daughter helped design Emma Watson’s “Beauty and the Beast” dress

As a 7 year old, there can’t be anything cooler than having your dad play the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. Well actually, maybe there is something cooler. On top of having her dad be the Beast, Dan Stevens’s little girl helped design Emma Watson’s yellow dress. That actually might be the coolest thing ever and as adults, we’re so jealous!

Stevens sat down with the hosts of This Morning to talk about his experience filming the movie. After explaining how he shot his facial expressions separate from his body movements, Stevens shared an adorable story about his daughter Willow (aka dress designer extraordinaire).


"Emma Watson came over to our house for dinner," Stevens says. "And so we're talking about the dress and the dress design, and Willow, who was 5 at the time, she kind of overheard the conversation, and we were talking away, and she nipped off next door, pen and paper, and came back about half an hour later with five different dress designs."

Willow is striking while the iron’s hot! She knows a good opportunity when she sees one!

Stevens continued, "She sat down with Emma, talked her through these dress designs, and Emma was so sweet with her, and just sat with her and said different merits of the different dresses."

Together, Willow and Watson picked a dress out of Willow’s designs and few weeks later it was created. Stevens said that Willow went to the set and saw the dress she envisioned.

“Yep, that’s the one,” she told her dad. How CUTE?

Willow, take it from us — include this experience on any future resumés, no matter what the job is that you’re applying for.

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