What do you do when Dame Judi Dench sets you up on a blind date? Rosamund Pike knows

Here’s the deal — when Dame Judi Dench sets you up on a blind date, you have absolutely no choice but to go. And that’s exactly what happened to British actress Rosamund Pike.

Pike paid a visit to The Graham Norton Show and discussed one specific incident with Dench during their time together in the production of Madame de Sade back in 2009.

"I got a letter after an interview I had done," Pike explained. "This man was very very certain whoever I was with, I was not meant to be with him — that he was the man for me. I mentioned this to my fellow cast mates and Judy said, 'Oh Rosy ... you have to go to dinner with him.' And I said, 'Do I? Well we don't know anything about him.' She said, 'Well let's look him up on the internet.'"

And of course that’s what they did, because HELLO Dench is a Dame. When a Dame says look someone up on the internet, you look someone up on the internet.

They discovered that the mystery fan made kitchens, something that Dench was really impressed with.

So Pike ended up going on a blind date with the total stranger fan, because “when Judi Dench tells you to go for dinner with someone, you go!”

Amen to that.

Check out the interview to find out how the date went:


Pike is really brave for going out with a complete stranger, but we have to say, as soon as the words “dead” “body” and “washed up” were mentioned, we’d be out.