Dakota Johnson hilariously handled her small wardrobe malfunction last night

Wardrobe malfunctions are a bummer, especially if they happen on stage in front of thousands of people. Luckily, Dakota Johnson’s wardrobe malfunction at the People’s Choice Awards last night wasn’t too crazy, and the 50 Shades of Grey star handled it in the best way possible.

After presenting the award to Dakota, Leslie Mann gave the actress a hug. In the midst of all this love and affection, Leslie’s hand caught on the zip of Dakota’s amazing dress. One wrong move, and the top would have fallen off in front of the entire world. That’s no skin off Dakota’s back, though, who joked, “Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs.”

Once the laughter had died down, she gave a genuine and humble speech thanking all those who had helped her along the way:

Watch the full acceptance, and slight malfunction, below!

(Image via YouTube)