Dakota Johnson knows the best way to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will be a part of many people’s Valentine’s Day plans this year. February 10th is the day that Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters everywhere. And the Fifty Shades of Grey follow-up will cap many a romantic date, in a most salacious way.

But in reality, Dakota and Jamie’s IRL Valentine’s Day plans are pretty low-key.

And by that, we mean they basically don’t exist. In fact, when asked what plans Jamie and his wife have, he didn’t even know when it really was.

"No, we won't be going to see the film; what day is Valentine's Day?" he asked. "What day? I will…um…we're not big followers of it," he told E!

Jamie continued by saying that he and his wife Amelia Warner celebrate their love every day of the year. He explained that he didn’t understand why you’d only celebrate or focus on your love on one special day.

He added,"I don’t quite get the whole Valentine’s Day thing."

But Dakota, who reportedly remains single after splitting from her BF in June, plans on using the day for something completely different.

In fact, she’s going to use it to catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation.

“I’m going to be asleep, she said.

After working so hard on the film and the press following it, she’s definitely earned some time to do whatever she wants. And we totally respect – and are even inspired by – taking time to just sleep.

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