Dakota Johnson proved that gap teeth can be extremely functional during her “Secret Talent Theatre” video

It’s finally time for the star of Fifty Shades Darker to share her hidden talent with the world, and we’re pretty darn impressed. For Vanity Fair‘s “Secret Talent Theatre,” Dakota Johnson used her tooth gap as storage. Sound weird? We actually think it’s adorably quirky.

The series of videos, which just yesterday showed us Emma Stone demonstrating how to pogo, highlights the talented women who are on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s 2017 Hollywood Issue. We’re just loving all of the extras that the magazine is showing us. Really, it seems like everyone had a total blast when preparing for this monumental issue, which will hit newsstands nationally on February 7th.

For Johnson, whose second installment of the “Fifty Shades” series hits theaters right before Valentine’s Day, it’s just proof that she’s way more than Ana Steele. Watch the video and see for yourself.


Okay, so it’s a little bit weird. But since Johnson claims that it’s her only talent, we still support her 100%.

Here are just a few of the items that Johnson managed to fit in there: a credit card, a twig, a toothpick, and a cherry stem, the latter which she exclaimed, “fit like a glove.”


Even better, her father — Don Johnson — was watching and cheering her on from the sidelines.

"Let's see how much money I can fit in my mouth. Dad, are you watching this?" Johnson asked, before stuffing an impressive $1,100 in between her teeth.


While we’d probably spend or save that money (and not, y’know, stuff it in our chompers) we have to admit that it’s an interesting skill for Johnson to pick up. Hey, since she can carry cash and credit, she probably doesn’t even need a purse.

We do think it’s pretty cool that Dakota Johnson proved that having a gap between your two front teeth is not only cute, but truly a blessing. If not for that gap, this stunt would simply be impossible.

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