Dakota Johnson’s new tattoo is delightfully messed up

Though she’s intensely private about her personal life, there’s one thing Dakota Johnson isn’t shy about — and that involves getting inked.

Johnson has a slew of tattoos already, and her latest tattoo of a flower is “a little fucked up,” according to the actress’s tattoo artist, Brian Woo (aka Doctor Woo), who debuted Johnson’s newest ink on his Instagram page this week. But we love it, and not only because it’s an homage to early 20th century Austrian painter Egon Schiele in the best way.

The teeny tiny tattoo appears to be on the side of Johnson’s forearm, and it’s a small, elegant flower that looks to be slightly wilting…on purpose.

According to Woo’s caption, Johnson was inspired by Schiele, and he quoted her as saying: “It’s a lil fucked up, but it’s still a flower, like me.”

The message behind this is powerful, in that it reminds us that while none of us are perfect, we’re still beautiful. And we love that the 50 Shades star wanted to celebrate that beauty with her latest ink. Plus, Schiele specialized in Expressionist paintings, which focus on the complexity of human beings and our ever-changing emotional states. Talk about deep.

It seems Johnson prefers going to Woo for her tats, as Vogue reported earlier this year she’s had at least two done by him (and her mom, Melanie Griffith, has one too!). The end result is absolutely gorgeous, and both Woo and Johnson have got us seriously thinking about getting some ink of our own.

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