Dakota Johnson’s grandmother wants to watch “Fifty Shades of Grey” with her, and we’re kinda all about it

So, remember when you saw Fifty Shades of Grey in the theater? We’re guessing it wasn’t with your mom or your grandma or your daughter, for obvious reasons.

Well, Vulture just let us know that actress Tippi Hedren wants to see Fifty Shades with Dakota — you know, as in Dakota Johnson, as in star of the movie and her granddaughter.

And just to put this into context, we’re talking about a movie so sexy it literally inspired a ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ sexy lingerie line and an entire Amy Schumer sketch about masturbation. But we can totally understand Hedren’s curiosity, because the film is appealing on many levels. And she revealed to Variety that that she has yet to see it, even by herself.

"I haven’t seen it. I have a copy here. What I’d like to do is watch it with Dakota sometime."


Apparently Johnson’s mom Melanie Griffith hasn’t seen the movie yet either, so maybe a family viewing is inevitable. We’re not sure how Johnson feels about this, but if her grandma and mom both want to see it, she should probably embrace the uncomfortable two hours, right?  Yeah we’d be on board for that, as long as they all report back later of course!


Hey, watching Fifty Shades of Grey together might even bring them closer together, because you can’t not talk about that movie after you’ve seen it.

Here’s to a potentially super awkward family Thanksgiving!