Dakota Johnson shared her grandmother’s epic mascara hack

If you’ve grown up in a family of Hollywood legends, it’s pretty much a given that you’d learn a thing or two about beauty and style early on…right? And if you’re Dakota Johnson, your grandma has plenty of makeup tricks up her sleeve, and can impart you with all the beauty wisdom you’d ever need.

In a new interview with Glamour, Dakota shared her shockingly simple beauty routine, but it’s her grandmother’s genius mascara hack that we’re coveting. Dakota’s grandmother is Tippi Hedren, a legendary model and actress best known for her movie roles in the 1960s. Dakota shares what her grandmother taught her about covering your mascara from the base of your lashes right to the tips, and it makes so much sense.

Of her grandmother's hack, she told the magazine, "She was watching me put my mascara on once and told me that if you hold the mirror down low and put the mascara on while looking downward, you will get the most coverage from the base of the lashes to the tips. And, of course, she’s right! She’s a f-cking movie star; she’s a legend!"

Dakota says her own makeup and skincare routine is “no-frills,” but she did say that her mother, actress Melanie Griffith, inspired her outlook on fragrance in one important way.

The Gucci Bloom spokesperson says that she loves the floral scent, but added, “My mother has worn the same perfume my entire life, and that’s very comforting to me.”

We’re slightly envious of Dakota for having such incredible beauty icons in her family, but we’re so thankful she’s sharing these memories and that amazing mascara tip with us. It’s a must-try the next time we’re ready to amp up our lash game!