Dakota Johnson deleted everything (except one photo) from her Instagram — and we have questions

Something just happened on Instagram that we don’t have a definitive explanation for, but we’d really like one. Fifty Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson deleted every single one of her Instagram photos – except for one – and we’re confused.

Johnson cleaned house on her page, and we can’t help but think there’s a reason for leaving one picture intact.

This is the one lonely remaining photo:

The photo was posted 56 weeks ago with the caption, “@collierschorrstudio took some photos of me and my gap tooth for @anothermagazine ???Coming Soon.”

But why?

Why did she delete everything? Is it a response to a rude comment someone left on one of her pictures? Does she just feel like starting fresh? Or, is it not that deep and we’re reading into something that isn’t even anything?

Nah. We think it’s strategic, we just don’t know for what. Here’s our best educated guess: Johnson left one picture on her Instagram of herself on the cover of Another Magazine. Inside that magazine is an interview where Johnson discussed a film she starred in that was getting ready to be released.

The film is called A Bigger Splash, and it made a pretty big splash in the select theaters it was released to.


And through our detective work, we discovered that the DVD of the film was released this past Tuesday. TWO DAYS AGO.

So perhaps it’s all a sneaky way of getting us to buy/rent the DVD. Or perhaps she’s trying to get our attention to announce something much, much bigger soon.

If that’s the case, it definitely worked. We’re paying attention.

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