Dakota Fanning’s Insta post is all of us having a sugar craving

It’s summer, and while that means sun, fun, swimming, and all things outdoors, it’s also (as Dakota Fanning seems to know) county fair season, and that means one thing: FRIED WONDERFUL FOOD.

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While the 22-year-old actress certainly doesn’t eat the junkiest of fair food junk all the time (here, see, this is a few days ago and she’s blamelessly sipping a coconut)…

…She, like all of us knows that everything should be taken in moderation, including, when you come right down to it, a fried twinkie. Yesssssss.

Yup, there she is, doing the thing the way its meant to be done: double-fisted dessert. In the caption, she even writes:

Powdered sugar on my face. Fried Twinkie in one hand. Cone off the ground.

We’re going to assume she didn’t mean she just found an ice cream cone on the ground and started eating it, but if she did, who are we to judge? We have certainly know the craving and joy of a sweet tooth fulfilled, and it’s great to see Dakota Fanning is making the most out of long summer days by maxing out on sweetness.

Excuse us, we just heard the ice cream truck go by, and there’s a Drumstick with our name on it…

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