Dakota Fanning’s buttercream goddess dress is making us long for spring already

We are firmly ensconced in fall right now, and are thoroughly enjoying our plaid and sweaters and booties and such, but now and then someone dresses so awesomely out of season it makes us want to fast forward through the year and embrace the pastel floatiness that is SPRING.

This time around, the fashion rebel in question is none other than Dakota Fanning, who brought a solid dose of April into October when she was a vision in buttercream this past week at the 23rd Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. Check it:


We know, we KNOW, our girl Dakota is basically Persephone running through a field of flowers in this get-up. TBH, judging from a couple of the starlet’s recent outfits, it looks like she’s kind of in denial re: what season we’re in, which is totally cool, when we’re freezing our butts off and staring up at the grey sky, we also go deep into denial about spring being a solid six months away.

Check out Dakota, bringing more springtime fashion goodness into our lives:


Which isn’t to say the girl can’t embrace the season she’s in when she sets her mind to it. Case in point, this jack-‘o-lantern dress she wore two weeks ago:


And this witchy dress she rocked last week (someone please make us a cheap knockoff, stat!):


Whether she’s completely embracing the season she’s in, or rebelling hard against it, you gotta hand it to Dakota, the girl has style for dayzzzzzzz.