Dakota Fanning just posted a vintage picture of her and sister Elle — it has us feeling feelings

The Fanning sisters always do a great job of reminding people what sisterly love is all about. Even if they don’t mean to be, their close relationship is inspiring. Because let’s be real — not all sisters get along the way Dakota and Elle Fanning do.

That’s exactly why we love when one or both of the sisters post Instagram pics of each other, because not only does it blow our minds to see how much they look alike, but they always choose the sweetest pictures. To prove our point, we have Dakota’s most recent Instagram picture featuring herself and Elle when they were young.

"😇😇 or 😈😈," she captioned the pic.

SO adorable, right? It’s the cutest picture, and their relationship seems to still be just as solid.

A few months ago, Dakota posted another gorgeous shot of her and her sister looking like straight up twinsies. She even acknowledged their striking similarities in her caption.

She wrote, "👯 #tbt 👯"

And here are the adorb sisters back in the day at a Laker game. They wore matching hats and necklaces, because of course they did!

Back in May, Dakota and Elle attended the Met Gala together, and of course looked absolutely stunning. They clearly had a great time together.

"No caption needed," Elle wrote on an Insta pic of the two of them that night.

We’re obviously having some serious #SisterGoals. We just love their relationship so much. It’s precious and probably a huge part of why they are growing up to be such well-rounded, grounded, and emotionally healthy young women.

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