Dakota Fanning gave us a lil’ peek at her bathroom counter

We love when celebrities give us sneak peeks into their daily lives. Case in point: Dakota Fanning posted a #tbt picture of herself on Instagram today, in which she showed off her perfectly put-together grunge look. But Fanning’s inadvertent ‘lil peek at her bathroom counter was what really sparked our curiosity. Upon doing some investigative work, we think we may have stumbled upon a holy grail of celebrity skin care products thanks to Dakota Fanning’s mirror selfie. You rock, girl!

"😈 tbt on a Monday. Sorry not sorry," Fanning captioned her post.

We’re whispering to ourselves, “Stealing your skin care routine on a Monday. Sorry not sorry!”

The first product that stands out on Fanning’s counter is a Lancer skin care set. Celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, developed a high-end brand of skin care products that has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle, to only name a few publications. It’s an anti-aging 3-part system consisting of Polish, Cleanser, and Nourish products.

It looks like Fanning is using a Lancer Method Set, which retails for $255. Yes, it’s pricey. But this is celebrity skin care we’re talking about!

Next, we spotted a Kate Somerville Goat Milk moisturizing cleanser on Fanning’s counter. It’s a gentle cleanser for all skin types that adds moisture to the skin rather than stripping oils away during cleansing. You can buy Goat Milk moisturizing cleanser from Sephora for $36.

According to the Kate Somerville Instagram account and website, the Goat Milk moisturizing cream ($50-$65) is also a beloved product of many skin care gurus.

Now we’re not 100% sure if this Chanel product is what Fanning has on her countertop, but judging by the packaging, we’re almost positive that Fanning is using Chanel’s Blue Serum ($110).

Blue Serum is an anti-aging product that claims to give one youthful, firmer, and healthier skin after only 4 weeks of use. It’s inspired by the diet of those living in the world’s “blue zones” (where people live longer) and is made with Costa Rican green coffee, Italian Bosana olives, and Greek lentisk. It’s got some serious science behind it, hence the $110 price tag!

And guys! Fanning is a normal human who deals with nasal congestion. She has a bottle of Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Allergy & Sinus ($7.29). Hey, one cannot leave allergy relief out of a beauty routine. Otherwise your runny nose can ruin everything!


Not only did we get to see a wonderful Dakota Fanning selfie on this glorious Monday, but we’ve also taken note of some heavy-duty celeb skin care products. Add these goodies to your ongoing wish-list because who knows? These products might be the modern fountain of youth we’ve all been searching for!

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