Dakota Fanning just schooled us in U.S. presidents

Get out your history notes from high school, guys. For her “Secret Talent Theatre” video through Vanity Fair, Dakota Fanning just listed every U.S. president in under one minute. To say we’re impressed is an understatement.

Really, while we’ve heard of all of them before, Fanning was able to recite them all without skipping a beat — and in order, too. Granted, she’s an actress (and a good one, at that) so memorization is probably second nature to her.

Still, this just seems like something that was done in one take. In fact, based on all of the “Secret Talent Theatre” videos we’ve seen so far, this one is definitely the shortest. Aside from makeup, she was probably in and out of the studio in less than five minutes. Of course, we’re just speculating.

Watch and be amazed.


Even better, she looks so happy while spouting out this trivia.

We have to wonder if the actress, who we know best from films like Charlotte’s Web, The Runaways, and the Twilight saga, learned her presidents the same way many of us did — through the infectious song from Animaniacs.


Of course, she’d have to cut out a lot of lyrics to get straight to the point. Fanning definitely wasn’t messing around in her video.

No matter how she learned it, she’s definitely an inspiration — and a reminder that important historical facts can truly impress any audience. Intelligence isn’t truly a talent, if you think about it, but it’s definitely a wonderful gift.