We’re full-on obsessed with how Dakota Fanning is celebrating her golden birthday

Celebrity-obsessed people rejoice! Today is Dakota Fanning’s birthday! One of our favorite child stars is no longer a child — she’s practically in her mid-20s, which obviously means that time is flying at an uncomfortable rate. Since Fanning’s birthday falls on the 23rd of the month, and she’s now 23 years old, she is officially celebrating her golden birthday. Which makes this particular day extra special.

We’re not sure how Fanning will be celebrating her birthday tonight. Like, will she be going out with friends, keeping things low-key and casual at home, or is she throwing herself a super fun party? But we do know one thing — Fanning is blessed to be in the company of an adorable and intensely fashionable balloon friend today.

And the best part is…she made the balloon herself!

We had no idea Fanning was so artistically inclined, but based on her expert decorating skills, she’s basically Martha Stewart. She posted a selfie with the balloon to Instagram.

“This balloon kween (who I just made) encapsulates my birthday mood. #goldenbirthday #23onthe23rdwudup,” she captioned the photo.

The balloon is either a gorgeous little pig/horse wearing a festive birthday hat or some sort of a unicorn hybrid. Along with luxuriously long eyelashes, the pig/unicorn is rocking some sweet golden bangs, because duh, golden birthdays need to involve gold things.

Elle Fanning is also celebrating her sister’s birthday, because of course she is! She posted the cutest video of the two of them dancing to “Santa Claus Lane.” And clearly the entertainment bug is genetic.

“This video pretty much sums up our sisterhood. Copying you since the “Santa Claus Lane” days. I love you and wish I was there to bring in your golden birthday with you! #bootyshake @dakotafanning,” she wrote.

Happy golden birthday, Dakota!