Dakota Fanning’s Halloween crown is a must-sea

Ughhhhhhh, we seriously need someone to start Dakota Fanning Anonymous to help us stop obsessing over every. single. outfit. that she wears. You can’t blame us, really. She looks RIDICULOUSLY fabulous all of the time. It’s a serious problem in our lives. We’re vacillating wildly between loving her so much for it and resenting her for being SO much cooler than us. It’s not even fair. Her various press events for American Pastoral have basically made her fashion royalty status in a matter of weeks, and so we should’ve expected that Halloween would really push her over the top.

Basically, Dakota Fanning dressed up as a mermaid for Halloween, and our fangirling over her outfits has reached a critical level.

First of all, let’s talk about her most important accessories: a wine glass and that dog on the couch. Dakota Fanning knows how to LIVE HER LIFE, clearly.

We’re also equally obsessed with her mermaid crown. It’s just so beautiful. Although we do wonder if she had to ~hear the ocean~ all night like background noise, since the seashells are so close to her ears. (That’s how it works, right?)

We’re so impressed with how she looks equal parts super gung-ho about Halloween (something we aspire to but rarely achieve) and ALSO incredibly fashionable. Like, that’s a seriously hard balance to maintain — usually, you can either be totally Halloweeny or totally stylish but she manages both???? Probably because this isn’t the first time she’s low-key dressed like a mermaid.

UGH. We shouldn’t be surprised.

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