Dakota Fanning wore a gemstone choker and OH MY GOD

While you might be painfully aware that chokers are once again most definitely in, as you browse through the plethora of tight-fitting necklaces you’ve collected over the past few months, that doesn’t mean you’ve seen them all. Case in point,Dakota Fanning wore the most gorgeous-yet-understated gemstone choker while on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and it’ll have your trendy self green with envy.

Exhibit A: The actress all decked out in a form-fitting little black dress that really makes the bejeweled accessory piece POP.

Exhibit B: When seen more up close and personal, it’s somehow even more jaw dropping.

Exhibit C: Here’s an ever closer close-up of the choker for good measure:

However, Fanning isn’t the only one who has taken the choker craze to the next level. Nina Dobrev sported a similarly eye-catching choker with a little something extra in a recent Instagram video:

If you want to pull a “Dakota” or a “Nina” and bedazzle your neck, you can check out some beauteous alternatives below.

Snake Gemstone Choker


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“Emme Star + Stone” Choker


You can get it here for $20.

“My Cherie” Choker


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“Remarkable Sparkle” Choker


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Gemstone Choker Set


You can get it here for $7.90.

Black Leather Choker


You can get it on sale, here, for $21.

Really, what’s one or two or three more chokers to your collection, anyway?

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