This behind-the-scenes pic of Elle and Dakota Fanning looks like it belongs in an art gallery

On the cover of Vanity Fair‘s latest Hollywood Issue, Annie Leibovitz shot heavy-hitters like Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Janelle Monée — and our favorite sisters, Dakota and Elle Fanning.

The cover is oh-so-gorgeous, with the color scheme going from muted earth tones to chromatic silvers to dusty rose. Of course, Annie Leibovitz is as talented as they come, so everything she touches is gold, including this behind-the-scenes pic of Elle and Dakota Fanning, which looks like a shot that should be framed and on sale (for … a lot).

Those dresses, though! It is such a princess-y shot, with the rainy streets, the opulent dresses, and the two sisters frolicking side by side. Ah, for life to be a movie set! But for real, it’s so nice to see two sisters who are so close. They’re so supportive of one another, which you can tell from the caption Elle Fanning wrote on Instagram:

Since I was a little girl, each year I eagerly awaited the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue...The day seemed like a dream, standing in front of Annie Leibovit'z lens AND standing tall with my big sister by my side!!"

She’s right — Leibovitz is the creator of some insanely gorgeous photography — taken here in what looks like a set for old Old New York. But what’s even more amazing is that we’ve seen Dakota and Elle Fanning grow up before our eyes (remember Dakota’s earliest film, I Am Sam?).

To see them in this issue, looking glam AF, is really exciting. But then again, they’ve always been exceptionally close (and they’ve always taken amazing pictures). Remember when Elle said she cries watching old videos of Dakota? Or when they post old childhood pics together? They both seem really mature, lovely, and family-oriented, which sets the type of example young girls need when they look up to women in Hollywood.

I mean, can we just take a moment to appreciate this picture here?

But what’s most exciting is the caliber of work they’re doing, which includes Dakota Fanning’s American Pastoral, and Elle Fanning’s 20th Century Women and Live By Night. They truly deserve to be recognized for the work in film — they’ve worked really hard, made a diverse body of work, had two separately successful films…and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Amen, sisters!

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