Daisy Ridley reacting to the ‘Star Wars’ trailer warms our hearts

Unless you’re on a planet in the Outer Rim without wifi, chances are you’ve seen the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you know it’s out there because when it premiered during Monday Night Football it broke a bunch of stuff, like Twitter and most movie ticket sites. The trailer has been out for roughly 13 hours now, and it has already been viewed 11 million times on YouTube and 8 million times on Facebook. That’s not counting how many times it was watched on Twitter (for the record: it was retweeted 51,000 times).

One of those many viewers happened to be Daisy Ridley, who plays brand new character Rey in the movie. It’s been hinted at that Rey plays a HUGE role Force Awakens, and those suspicions were confirmed last night (OK, sort of, because we still don’t know much about the actual plot of the movie, but Rey shows up BEFORE the LucasFilm title sequences, so she’s gotta be a big character).

Just like all of us last night, Ridley watched the trailer for the first time. She hadn’t seen it before! She actually spent the last week on social media telling everyone that she had no idea what was going to be in it, so it would be brand new for her, too. And just like many of us, Ridley cried — so it’s totally OK to admit you cried a little bit, because the heroine of Force Awakens did as well.

Ridley explains in the video’s description that she set an alarm to watch the trailer, and that her friend recorded her reaction. It goes from excited, to shocked, to emotional very quickly. “Oh my god, it’s amazing,” she can be heard saying through tears.

Absolutely love this. Isn’t it awesome when an actor is this invested in their project, just seeing the trailer makes them well up? We’re tearing up again just WATCHING this. So many feels, for Star Wars, for Ridley, for EVERYTHING.

Only 58 days to go!

(Image via LucasFilm)


OK, the new Star Wars trailer is officially blowing our minds

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