Daisy Ridley has the nicest things to say about fellow “Star Wars” female star Felicity Jones

Obviously, we’re excited for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Between fangirling over Jyn Erso toys, praising the film’s posters, and losing our minds over the most recent trailer, it’s clear that we can’t wait. It’s no surprise; not only does the film look amazing, but Jyn Erso is obviously a new addition in the fantastic (and hopefully never-ending) trend of badass female heroines like The Force Awakens’ Rey and Mad Max: Fury Road’s Furiosa.

The folks at People clearly can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie, either. They asked The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley if she had any advice for Rogue One star Felicity Jones, whose fame is obviously about to skyrocket.

Ridley, who was at the New York City premiere of the documentary The Eagle Huntress, which she narrates and executive produces, said, “Felicity needs no advice – she is a phenomenal actress and a wonderful human being.


Obviously, Ridley has tons of respect for Jones, and it makes sense: Jones is nearly a decade older than Ridley, and has been acting since she was a teen. She’s an Academy Award-nominated actress with more experience in the spotlight than Ridley, who went from being relatively unknown to the star of one of the most highly-anticipated films in decades. (BTW just thinking about that for a second makes us impressed all over again when observing how fantastically Ridley carries herself.)

Ridley went on about Jones: “She is very graceful and poised and probably speaks far less than I do more interestingly. She’s great!


While we think Ridley is definitely selling herself short here, we love how genuine her high regard for Jones is. We cheer any time amazing women band together, but this instance is especially awesome since the pair both star in one of the biggest film franchises of all time.

Ridley’s respect for Jones isn’t based on her impression of the Rogue One actress, either: “We hung out a couple weeks ago and it was really, really nice. She’s just a super cool person, even away from Star Wars.

Knowing that the pair hung out IRL is giving us a major case of envy, and we’re feeling the #friendshipgoals hard. However, we’re also super happy because both actresses are phenomenal, and we’re glad that each has the other’s support. Until we can figure out how to get invited to their next hangout, that will have to be enough!

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