How Daisy Ridley made sure her Instagram doesnt have any “Star Wars” spoilers is super cute

What do you do when you’re one of the most popular actresses in the world, and starring in one of the most popular franchise in the galaxy, and you wanna work out quick between shoots, but also share your workout with the Instagram world? Why, just throw a pillowcase over your head to hide your hair, DUH.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is still 526 days away, because the Star Wars app told me so. That means we’ve got to go the next 526 days without running into any major Star Wars spoilers. We know that, and Daisy Ridley knows that, too. She not only takes her gym workout to the next level, she takes avoiding spoilers to the next level, too.

In a new video posted to her Instagram, Ridley explains that she needed to get her reps and sets in quickly between different Star Wars shoots, so she didn’t have time to un-Rey her hair, “So wore a pillowcase on my head to protect my REY HAIRSTYLE from Instagram’s gaze.”

Her hashtags are then #topemployee and #secrecyqueen, but like, we’ve seen Rey’s hair before. We’ve tried to copy Rey’s hair before. So does this mean…REY HAS A NEW HAIR STYLE FOR EPISODE VIII???




Obviously, her hair has been pulled back, as we imagine Rey would pull her hair back for super awesome sweet Jedi training with Master Luke Skywalker whatever she’s doing in Episode VIII. From the video, it’s clear that there’s some sort of bump in the pillowcase, probably from a pony tail. But like, the trio of pony tails we’re used to? THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Then again, it’s also good for a change, you know? Princess Leia famously switched her hair multiple times during the OG trilogy:


And then, whatever the heck is going on here with Padme:


So major props for helping keep us all #SpoilerFree, Ridley. But then again, we need to know everything about your Episode VIII hair right now. 526 days is so far away.

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