Daisy Ridley is back as Rey in the first “Star Wars Forces of Destiny” short, and she’s as compassionate as ever

Rey is back and so is Daisy Ridley. Disney just released the first episode of their Star Wars Forces of Destiny short series and it’s all about Rey! If you’ve been missing her, now’s your chance to spend more time with Rey and BB-8 — which is an obvious no-brainer.


Let’s head back to Jakku! We told you about Disney’s new Forces of Destiny series starring the women of the Star Wars Universe when it was first announced at Star Wars Celebration this Spring. From Leia to Ahsoka, the new series dives into the stories of these women giving additional context to who they are and why we love them oh so much.

Here’s what you can expect from the rest of the stories in the series:


In the first episode, we join Rey right after she met BB-8 on Jakku. She just wants to get home, but BB-8 seems to draw attention (and trouble). Luckily, Rey (voiced again by Daisy Ridley!) protects him while still managing to show her genuine compassion for all creatures.


Even though the nightwatcher worm tried to eat BB-8, she still treats it kindly. Just as we’d expect from Rey! Basically, she’s still our hero.

The video is less than three minutes and it’s sure to brighten up your day:


We can’t wait for Rey to return in The Last Jedi this December. Maybe there will be even more adorable scenes between her and BB-8. Plus, we’ll *hopefully* find out more about Rey’s backstory. No matter what happens, it’ll probably only make us love her more.

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