Daisy Ridley is a Shakespearean sensation in this “Ophelia” first-look photo

To look at the photo, or not to look at the photo…that is absolutely not the question, because of course you want to check out the first look at Daisy Ridley in Ophelia!

Ridley assumes the title role in this reimagining of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet that centers on the doomed heroine. Her character is the lady-in-waiting to the Queen (Naomi Watts) who soon enters a forbidden romance with Prince Hamlet (George MacKay) — all while war develops and betrayal takes to Elsinore Castle.

Clive Owen also stars as Claudius, with Tom Felton as Laertes (because Draco Malfoy was made for Shakespeare), Devon Terrell as Horatio, and more in the drama from director Claire McCarthy, which is based on the novel by Lisa Klein.

Now, let’s just take a moment to gawk at the dynamo that is Ridley:


She seriously looks the part in the photo, which The Hollywood Reporter debuted, with her striking long locks and mesmerizing blue gown. We absolutely cannot wait to see her realize the famed character for screen. Until she does, we’ll be fangirling out about Murder on the Orient Express (due November 10th) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (out December 15th) — just some of her many exciting projects coming up.