You’ll sweat just watching Daisy Ridley’s intense gym routine

Just in case you were worried that all the badassery of Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars heroine, Rey, was thanks to talented stunt performers, think again. Sure, the stunt team probably contributed a lot to Rey’s awesomeness (shout out to everyone who contributed to Rey’s awesomeness), but Daisy keeps herself in prime butt-kicking shape IRL, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Daisy posted a video to Instagram yesterday highlighting one of her latest workouts and let’s just say: Wow. She is one strong woman — inside and out.

In the video, you can see Daisy lifting (and barely breaking a sweat, mind you) as she gets herself in shape to, I don’t know, I guess keep climbing ALL. THOSE. STAIRS. while she’s hanging out with Luke.

She captioned the video:

It’s time for us to nap, just watching this workout, so we can only imagine how Daisy is feeling.

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