“The Daily Show” adds another woman writer and contributor, we applaud forever

If you needed an additional reason to love The Daily Show on Comedy Central, wait no longer. The show has just added another woman to the list of writers and contributors: experienced comedian Michelle Wolf.

Even if you don’t recognize her name or face, no matter. You’ve likely heard a few of her jokes without even knowing it. Before agreeing to join forces with The Daily Show and Trevor Noah, New-York-based Michelle Wolf has been the writing supervisor for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Her most well-known on-screen character with Seth was “Grown-Up Annie,” in which she plays a hilarious, night-club-loving adult version of orphan Annie. Just try not to crack up when you watch it.

Other works include Used People and Now Hiring, two Comedy Central digital series, which she not only created and wrote, but starred in. And let’s not forget her stand-up resume. She’s performed with the San Francisco Sketchfest Dozen and at the Riot LA Comedy Festival, and last summer she killed it on stage at Bonnaroo, Moontower, and the Dublin Comedy Festival. Phew, has the girl been busy.

Look, she even made time to cuddle with a tiger. Amazing. Be sure to catch her on The Daily Show, which comes on at 11 p.m. Monday-Thursdays on Comedy Central. She just might become your new favorite comedian.

And who knows? Maybe her impeccable humor can bring Jon Snow back to life.