Get your daily dose of magic via unicorn ramen. Yes, ~unicorn ramen~

Hello? Is this 911? We’d like to report an emergency. The magic is gone. This week has drained us. The world is gray. What’s that? You’re saying unicorn ramen is an actual thing that can bring the magic back to our lives? Huh.

The 911 operator is right. Unicorn ramen has joined the ranks alongside the vast array of unicorn-themed trends* (*see unicorn cafe, unicorn manicures, unicorn bath bombs). So how in the heck did our favorite Japanese dish get unicorn-ified?

It started at Tokyo’s Kipposhi restaurant, which just recently began serving up magic ramen.

According to RocketNews24, Kipposhi calls the dish “Clear Chicken Soup ‘Blue’” and it’s been attracting a lot of attention. RocketNews24 reports that “the broth is made using a special Chinese cooking technique that clears away all the scum from the liquid, creating an incredibly clear soup that’s dense with flavour.”

Mashable says “the broth’s vibrant hue comes from the same spirulina algae” which is used to clear away “all the scum.” It sounds gross, but tastes and looks delicious.

If you’re in the mood for some gourmet unicorn ramen, Kipposhi is the place to go. But some fearless foodies have taken the unicorn ramen task into their own hands. YouTuber Krist Soup made herself some rainbow ramen that requires a lot less food science.

Krist Soup focused more on the noodle portion of the ramen rather than the broth, which resulted in a muddy-looking soup, but some divine looking noodles.

Will this unicorn trend ever quit? We certainly hope not. The more color and magic we can get packed into this lifetime, the better!

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