We’ve got Dafne Keen’s “Logan” audition tape, and it’s absolutely amazing

That moment when age is proven to be nothing but a number? Yeah, Dafne Keen’s Logan audition tape just gave “child actor” a whole new meaning. Twentieth Century Fox released early footage of the young Logan star working her magic next to the esteemed Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, and it was amazing to watch. Not only did she exceed our expectations of what someone her age could do, she also showed the world that she more than deserved the role of “Laura.”

Pre-teen Dafne Keen totally gave the Logan star a run for his money. According to Patrick Stewart, Dafne even asked if she could improvise a scene in Spanish during the screen test. And, of course, the Spanish-British actress totally nailed it. Talk about not being intimidated by anything…

Also completely taken aback by Dafne’s talent was Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman. According to the star, Dafne punched his arm so hard during the screen test that she left a few bruises. Yikes! We’d hate to match The Refugees actress in a street fight. Her small stature is merely a distraction.

Prepared to be blown away by Dafne’s Logan audition.


You could chalk up her professionalism to her experience working on a highly-rated television show. But we’d like to think it’s all a part of her greatness. When you’re doing what you love, your work comes across as being effortless. And as far as Dafne’s concerned, she’s totally in the right field. The girl’s got chops.

Although costarring next to an A-lister like Hugh Jackman is a career high for many, we know that this is just the beginning for Dafne. She’s a phenomenal talent. And we can’t wait to see where her career takes her next.

It just goes to show that you’re never too young to live out your dream.