The significance of what Daenerys Targaryen is wearing in this Season 7 leaked photo is INSANE

Leaked photos from the set of Game of Thrones just keep on coming and with them? Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers! With these set photos, the excitement about what Daenerys Targaryen will be doing once she hits Westeros keeps mounting. That’s because not only are Daenerys and Jon Snow going to meet in Game of Thrones Season 7, but they are most definitely going to be a team since the Mother of Dragons has been seen ROCKING A STARK OUTFIT.

While you could argue that Daenerys needed to switch up her traditional garb due to the cold climate of the North, there has got to be something bigger at play here.

I mean — Jon Snow and Daenerys are pretty much twinsies in this photo from the set!


What the Khaleesi’s new clothes imply is a strong alliance with Jon Snow and the Starks. Now, these clothes could be a part of an incestuous marriage pact between the Targaryen aunt and nephew, but I prefer to think it means that their armies will be joining forces.

While taking over the Iron Throne has been Daenerys’ goal throughout Game of Thrones, the amount of screen time she appears to share with Jonny Boy and her new winter gear makes me think she will certainly become aware of the dire situation with the White Walkers (dire wolf reference intentional).

So could her clothes possibly mean that she’s going to head North of the Wall with her dragons to defeat the Night King and his White Walkers in Season 7?!


It’s almost all too glorious to comprehend.

Of course I expect the White Walkers to be around in Season 8, but Daenerys Targaryen in Stark-inspired clothing is a giant step in the right direction if anyone is going to survive Game of Thrones. And based on these set photos, it seems that Season 7 is going to show the creation of the most epic army ever to be assembled in all of history — in Westeros or anywhere else.

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